Amelia Zhou is a writer, dance practitioner and arts worker living in London, UK.







Researching the creative exchange and potentialities between movement and language practices using poetry and voice.

This research dwells in the (mis)translations, echoes, frictions and refractions between movement, poetry and voice.

~As part of a MA Creative Practice (Transdisciplinary) at Trinity Laban, London (2019-20). Leverhulme Arts Scholar.




Out — look out here — every out — you saw

This is where you hear the echo in Cordite Poetry Review, 2020.

How far her hair blows back in the hard head wind of fall

Three poems in Datableed, 2020.

The information starts as a product of someone else's dream

Ghost within the ghost in Gutter Magazine, 2020.

(Who moves closer to the distance you are carrying, the circumstance into that distance

Body double in Rabbit Poetry Journal, 2019.

Yeah, I multiply under the sun

Sunflower in Ibis House (Subbed In), 2019.



selected performance


Performed 21 October 2020, Studio Theatre, Trinity Laban.



selected non-fiction

Is French’s dance with the river analogous of the desire for the anguished white self to gratify its unresolved emptiness?

Review: Angela French, Return to the River. Running Dog, 2019.

‘Staying in’ is a refutation against the exhaustive demand to be active in any given moment

Review: 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Club 4A. Running Dog, 2019.

A horizon of further intersectional modes of engagement for cross-cultural performances

Review: Dancenorth & Beijing Dance Theatre, One Infinity. Running Dog, 2019.

Speculative storytelling as a tool for healing and reciprocity

Review: Marrugeku, Burrbgaja Yalirra (Dancing Forwards). Australian Book Review, 2019.

A dancer turned military commander turned showgirl

Review: Daniel Kok & Miho Shimizu, xhe. Peril Magazine, 2018.

Evil corporations, a fake kidnapping, Shamir, poo parks, greyhound racing, Marina Abramovic &...

Articles written as a reporter for Sydney Morning Herald, 2015-17.

Towards new future terrains: Reorienting Asiatic femininities in the speculative imagination

An Honours thesis on East Asian diasporic feminist science fiction and alternative future imaginaries. University of Sydney, 2017.




Non-fiction editor for Voiceworks, a quarterly literary journal featuring work by young Australians.

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