CHORA (2020)

Created, written and performed by Amelia Zhou

Voice and sound design by Amelia Zhou featuring readings by Myung Mi Kim and Gertrude Stein

Performed 21 October 2020, Studio Theatre, Trinity Laban

CHORA examines the transmission and translation of language through words, voice, movement and objects. Weaving through the echoes, resonances, juxtapositions and frictions between each of these mediums, CHORA questions and manipulates our inescapable need to build meaning via language. Words, voices and objects are negotiated between the realms of abstraction and representation, sound and sense, and narrative and symbolism. A swan becomes a quill, a mirror turns into a lake, and a letter is read out to the audience (or is it to the swan?) in scenes of transformation and plurality.

Special thanks to Vanio Papadelli who supported me throughout the research and creation of this work.